Research Hints: “Lynell & Karl Sala, Help me find my ancestor–before I become one!”

OK, will do.  Lynell & Karl have found so many ancestral family members for so many clients!

In addition to using known & unknown phonetic variants & search engine strategies, Karl has proven, stunning abilities to re-create how the given, middle & surnames COULD have been written, mis-indexed, mis-heard, mis-interpreted, mistranscribed, etc.!

Karl & Lynell have cracked hundreds of international client cases.  

LAUKSHES = SANDERSON?  BECK = PECK:  Huh?  How could that be?  Because that is precisely what it looked like to the transcriber or sounded like to the census enumerator! 

ROOTS EXPOSE’ ! Indeed, in German, Beck is pronounced something close to the sound somewhere between a B & a P!  About his mission in Germany for the Savior, Karl said: “I wondered why the local members introduced the Ward Mission Leader, Brother Beck, in Essen, Germany as what sounded like, “Pbruder Pbeck!”

Phonetic & spelling variations Experts:  While in 3rd grade in Naha, Okinawa, Ryuku Islands (now part of Japan), Karl beat all the 5th graders in the Elementary School Spelling Bee.  They taught “phonics,” but Karl’s German-American mother–8th grade taught, but high in common-sense–learned English mostly on her own. She had some help from her USAF Crypto Maintenance Technician husband.  Frieda Viehmann Sala taught Karl some crucial basics.  With these principles, he has learned numerous nuances & realities about words & letters that have made him an excellent international research expert at cracking heretofore “unsolvable” cases.

“” is being created for international ships emigration, immigration & passenger searches & findings!

Brick-wall breaking research success of &!  Under the now 2-year counsel of their webmaster (Paul Andrew Johnson of San Antonio, Texas), Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala are in the exciting process of creating & launching various other detailed- & FINDING-oriented ancestor & ancestral family “Search” genre websites.

This low-cost ($24.95; $49.95; $74.95 & $99.95), value-added Search-FOR- You oriented website shall be to search & usually FIND elusive emigrants & immigrants!  It will help international clients who are looking, but canNOT find ancestors in USA, Canada, Britain, UK & German ship passenger lists–among other effective online & offline resources.

If interested in an image of the ship, they’ll try to find that, too!  Depending on the availability & difficulty, the search request for the ship image could be a value-added service or a paid search of its own.

Karl & Lynell have found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients (paying), patrons (volunteer), himself & his extended family members!

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“Search Census” keywords now rank as THE highest ranking private census research entity on Google!

How would it be to hire THE very 1st person hand-picked by’s short-lived, but very successful research team?    How about the 2nd person selected? 

Those two gifted people are Karl & Lynell Sala!  They express more gratitude to their webmaster, Paul Andrew Johnson (!  This is because “Search Census” keywords now place as THE highest ranking private census research entity on Google!  In addition,’s Karl & Lynell Sala are THE folks who usually FIND what online searchers canNOT find!  They have a very high success ratio!

Based on these Google search engine results, is fast becoming the #1 resource for finding people within a  or other international census search to find ancestors, do their ancestry, complete genealogy & further family history. Place your low-cost multiple search census order on our https[ecure] site today!  Bank or PayPal.

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Kudos to’s Karl & Lynell Sala from one of their most successful research case clients!

 Lois Jurss endorsed Karl-Michael Sala: “Karl Sala is the consummate professional. He is an expert in locating lost generations, particularly in Germany / Prussia. He was able to take the smallest scraps of information [all that I could find] on my [Reinhard HORN] ancestor and

[find him & family in every USA census possible.  Karl & Lynell went on to find my target ancestor in images of immigration (arrival, NY Passenger List), emigration (departure, Hamburg Passenger List) & also in parish registers of a place of which I was totally UNaware–Tirschtiegel, (now Trzciel ), Posen (now Poznan), Preussen (Prussia in English; but now in Poland).  Karl & Lynell Sala] added several generations to [two different branches of] my family history. [Karl’s & Research Director, Lynell’s] work is presented professionally and with a great attention to detail. I highly recommend him as an expert genealogist and I intend to hire him again for further research on other family lines.” December 29, 2009

Karl-Michael Sala’s Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Lois Jurss hired Karl-Michael as a German Genealogist in 2005, and hired Karl-Michael more than once [several times up to 2009!]

This is one of the very 1st client research case reports we posted to our online account.  Our international ancestry, genealogy & family history research reports are so graphically-rich (read: huge) that they cannot fit into the email systems.  So, on is where our clients–given the report-specific link–can view our reports 24/7/365.  This would include anyone we or the client wish to invite to download a copy of one of the most successful research cases Lynell & Karl EVER performed!

The HORN Report includes mostly online digital images:  These findings were (sing with me now) “…beginning to look a lot like Christmas” for Lois, by her own admission, for over a decade had been just TRYING to find this!  She was sooo thrilled with our findings in such quick time, Lois wanted to create a website for our research service!  She sincerely felt Everybody needed to know that somebody like Karl existed.  So, she desired to tell the World about our Census, immigration & Europe ancestry, genealogy & family history research magic!  Well, instead, my webmaster created not one, but two!

If you wish to see the link to this absolutely stunningly successful, digitally reif report, please order at least one census search from us.  To get a bigger bang for your buck, order a multiple search!  Over there in the upper right>  I like being Santa Claus’ helper all year long!  I now wish to help hundreds, if not thousands of businesses fulfill their missions & vision by way of Google Adwords, Adsense, etc.   However, we’ll continue to serve you, too.  If there is a glitch beyond 5-7 days, please email

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“Search Census” is now ranked #2 on Google!

Oh my gosh!  I love my webmaster for having taught me some of the realities of Search Engine Optimization for a site that is dedicated to helping genealogists FIND what they’ve been seeking for up to 30 years!

Soon, we’ll also take advantage of an

Adsense coupon given us by

for an ad!  Using the right Adwords, this will direct thousands of appropriate people to our solution-oriented site.  I have a bigger vision, though:  I fully intend to help thousands of people do likewise for their various types of activities, associations, businesses, companies, firms, groups, organizations who also desire to fulfill their vision & mission{;>)

If the research becomes too overwhelming, Lynell & I have good researchers who will help us.  These are international genealogists whom we taught many of the “tricks” of the trade” about finding elusive ancestors in online databases. 

 These are great people with whom we worked at,,, & elsewhere!  When I get their permission, we’ll name names. 

In the meantime, please visit these International Treasures to the right.  If or The Generations Network would like us to make this into a link, I believe Google can help us with that, too. 

But, if you cannot find whom you seek, place a low-cost order with us.  Be sure to provide as much data as possible on the target person. 

Then our Teammates can make a better match in finding your ancestors for you!

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Another international case cracked by FIRST using Census & THEN Immigration & Emigration Passenger Lists!

Karl-Michael Sala Karl-Michael Sala writes:                                     

Open letter to a real, non-paying, but highly pledged customer:

In accordance with your sincere pledge–along with your indicated fervent interest in your family history to be shared with you & all of your descendants–we ( & are very proud & pleased to report some Research Hints!  With skill & care, we found your target ancestral family in every USA census back to his arrival in the USA!

Karl-Michael Sala also strategically researched AND DISCOVERED your immigrant ancestor Max’ departure record out of Europe. Max emigrated out of a city near Dresden–& some 2+ decades earlier than 1918–as you indicated{;>) 

We now need to travel to the town to complete the ancestral research.  Yes, we can decipher the old handwriting better than 99% of the natives–for they no longer use the Handschrift shown below.

In the year 1828 the 3rd…; here born and the…;  ___ christened…; legitimate son of the Franz…; and of the Maria …;  Our success ratio is 90+% in having located new digital data, documents & images for our clients.  What & whom can you not find?  Challenge us. Dare us.  But please–especially if you’ve promised it–pay us.  Please mail your personal check or money order to:

Lynell or Karl Sala; 410 S SADDLE ST; GILBERT, AZ 85233-6810 USA

NObody but Karl Sala is offering this…! Anyone can earn 10% residual–yes, on-going–research credit or $ commission–just by referring the names, emails &/or phone #s of others.  We grant you or them a complimentary consultation.

Out of millions of Google hits for “searchcensus,” Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala’s is now #4 on Google! “Search Census” is now on page 2 of Google SE!

You go, Pablo!  My blogs; your Webmastering, coaching & techno-tweak!  Lynell & I read & were very moved by the recent great personal & professional counsel from your intuitive wife, Maria Helena Sala Johnson–my highly-valued 1stborn!

Such high rankings for “Search Census” (clustered or separated) took only one month to achieve!  I just checked again.  We’re already on page two of Google for “search census”–& this is out of several million “hits!” 

Great, for we love to serve our customers and–just as we did for subscribers of–find what they could NOT find in the USA & other international records!  

Guess the identities of the very 1st two people, whom handpicked for their Paid Expert Ancestry Research Line?  Right!  Karl; Who was 2nd? Right again: Lynell ! 

You see, while at,[nada][eutschland][stralia] 

& [United Kingdom] 

With an 80+% success ratio, Karl & Lynell successfully researched AND FOUND what hundreds of subscribers could NOT find in the last three decades! 

When that team was  disbanded, Karl naturally & unequivocally became THE primary German research consultant for!–as in Deutschland or Germany or Prussia or Preussen! But, that team,  just like the sales team, was disbanded. 

So, Karl was like a fish out of water.  For various reasons reasons that continue to come to the fore, Karl believes he is destined to be out on his own.

Indeed, Karl is a/k/a!  In April 2010, that website yielded Karl & Lynell a $7,000 client!   Karl cracked 3 of that client’s ancestral cases–in 3 days–in 3 countries:  Germany, Lithuania & Poland!  Each of those countries was once a part of Preussen (Prussia), i.e. pre-WW1.

Karl went on to crack one more case (LISSKE) for yet another client who pledged $3,000, but has not been heard from–in spite of Karl’s having found THE PRECISE VILLAGE–not too far from Dresden–whence the prospect’s ancestor stemmed!  Karl has emailed another fellow LISSKE descendant, but, alas, no word from her either{;>(

Who performs these Census Searches? Two of the best phoneticians who know the paradoxical idiosyncracies of the online subscription data- & image-base search engines!

Chief Researchers:  Lynell & Karl-Michael SALA, Internat’l Genealogist since 1979!

Proven, Gifted, Talented! Now also at

Need 3rd party confirmations? How about 45+ (yes, forty-five) endearing endorsements on–& that’s just since 2008–& that’s just from clients, coaches, colleagues & customers who happen to also be on Linkedin!

(1981): FIRST  JOB right out of Brigham Young University (BYU)   

While at BYU, Karl served as a researcher for J. Grant Stevenson, (whose son, Chris, thirty years later would be Karl’s bishop).  Highly interested in his own ancestry, genealogy & family history, Karl avidly sought to work for a research firm in Salt Lake City. In 1981, Larry Piatt—now a collections and development specialist at the Family History Library–offered Karl $6/hour to be his research assistant for the Institute of Family Research. Karl, of course, accepted & loved it!

Even on that income, Karl bought his first starter home!

In 1984, Karl-Michael Sala then went on to become an Accredited Genealogist (Germany). To qualify to even take the all-day, pro-active, written exam, one had to have 1,000 hours of experience!

Then, if you pass that, you get a subsequent verbal exam on another day. Oh, gosh, Karl was fervently grilled by Roy Spjut, AG, the now-retired (but still volunteering {;>) on the Scandinavian reference desk) accreditation coordinator & test administrator for the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“How do you KNOW that this Johann Schmidt is the right one? There are three of them born in the same time frame & there are NO other records to stipulate what year he was born or the names of his parents!”

The answer is that the genealogist simply cannot be sure. The genealogist must state to the client all the reasons for selecting a particular Johann Schmidt; however, in the absence of a record that states when the target ancestor was born, or precisely whom his parents at birth were, the professional genealogist can only clarify all the evidence for his hypothesis. He must caveat & clarify his supporting reasons. However, the exact one sometimes just simply CANNOT BE PROVEN!

In the 1980s & 1990s, even while being a USAF Reserve Intelligence Officer, Karl,  personally went as a civilian behind the Iron Curtain numerous times. Under challenging circumstances, he successfully researched & found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images for THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients, patrons & himself. He performed neither covert intelligence missions nor operations!

In 2006, when created the short-lived, but highly successful Paid Expert Research Line (PEARL), it was Karl-Michael Sala who was THE very 1ST person hand-picked for the position. Who was 2nd? Karl’s wife, Lynell Rae Pierce Sala!  Why?  A very high success ratio in having located precisely what the subscriber had been trying to find for decades!

(2010): Having now accomplished his goal of having found THOUSANDS, he is now very proud to be No longer an “Accredited Genealogist,” Karl-Michael Sala is truly a proven, tested & tried Master German Genealogist.

Since 1979, Karl-Michael & his wife, Lynell, have found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images for THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients, patrons & themselves since 1979! Prove them herewith.

Marian Collier Hobson  Certified Business Coach | Motivational Speaker | Author | Coach | Seminar Leader | Certified Parenting Coach

Karl,   GREAT story!

Angel Investors query for Who is in the management team?

Angel Investors query for Who is in the management team?

1) Paul A. Johnson, Chief Technology Officer & Webmaster (since Aug 2008 for & (since May 2010 for Got us to social network.

Son-in-law (married my 1stborn daughter); had some of his genealogy mysteries found by Karl; has a deep, family vested interest in our success! Weekly encourages us to blog often, share new & fresh content & keep up on our tasks.

Paul has machinated the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of Test it. Google or search on “German Genealogist”: our site comes up as THE very 1st organically-ranked URL!

2) Lynell Rae (Pierce) Sala, Master of Arts, Organizational Management (Karl’s wife), Research Director & Project Manager, keeps us on-task!

3) Karl-Michael Sala, Principal Genealogist since 1979!  THOUSANDs of data, documents & images found for THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients! 45+ endorsements on–more than any other!

Karl : THE very 1st person hand-picked as the Lead Genealogist for the short-lived, but highly successful Paid Expert Research Line (PEARL)! Who was 2nd? Lynell ! Team involuntarily disbanded.

Karl: Naturally selected to be THE Primary Europe (mostly German)[eutschland] Research Consultant!   That team was also involuntarily disbanded. 

You could empathize they no longer wish to be beholden to anyone who could totally alter Karl & Lynell’s income, vision & mission to find THOUSANDS !

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International & Germany Census Searches possible in limited areas!

Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala are very enthused to start seeing an increasing number of Germany online censuses (such as the Luebeck, Germany Volkszaehlungsliste banner shown below) becoming available.  While Luebeck’s ARE indexed, most are NOT yet indexed!  While they’re not available on a nationwide basis, these starter German censuses certainly show some great promise for the future. 

Be it in Canada, USA, or Europe, tell us what you have not been able to find!  For now, until we get the search request form up & running, please send a detailed email with a link to your genealogy, or an invitation to your online tree on or elsewhere!  Be sure to include ALL given (e.g. Karl-Michael) & surnames (Sala), years & places of birth, marriage, residence, migrations & death to 

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