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 Let us find whatever or whomever you cannot find.  80% success ratio. 

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Census of Marine Life? Very Therapeutic, but not one that we’ll be searching for you. Get your headset on & enjoy.

The Census of Marine Life has released the most comprehensive inventory of ocean life ever created. See some of the deep-sea stars of the “roll call,” and find out which regions are the most diverse—and threatened. © 2010 National Geographic, Census of Marine Life

The Census of Marine Life’s ten-year study has uncovered nearly 700 hard-to-see species unknown to science.

The Marine Census of Life [?] involves more than 70 nations in a 10 year initiative to assess and explain the diversity…

Oil-eating tubeworms and a 15-tentacled sea cucumber are among the 5,000 deep-dwelling species identified by the Census of Marine Life, a ten-year effort to chronicle life in the deep ocean. Video Courtesy: Census of Marine Life.

An octopus in miniature is among the hundreds of larvae found in a recent Census of Marine Life survey of the tiniest creatures in the sea.

Scientists searching the depths of the ocean for undiscovered marine life off the coast of Maine get help from a well-equipped robot. See All National Geograp…

A football octopod and a piglet squid are just a few of the bizarre deep-sea creatures uncovered during the ten-year Census of Marine Life, which ends in 201…

A video by the Census of Marine Life about why we need to monitor biodiversity in the oceans and how it can be done using existing technologies on a global s…

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Can’t find ’em in a Census Search? Or in other international databases of military records, muster rolls, etc.? Let us search census & translate German for you! Low-cost.

$24.95 is very low cost to have us search censuses & other international databases ($49.95) like the WW1 rank-and-file lists & muster rolls of the Kingdom of Bavaria!  We usually find what you seek.  Instead of microfilm paper photocopies, you get digital images! We will post these images to our online account at  There you or anyone with whom you share the link, can get 24/7 access to the image(s).

How would it be to hire the very 1st two people hand-picked for the short-lived, but highly successful Paid Expert Research Line? 

That’s us!  Why?  Because we had the highest success ratio in having located what their subscribers could not find!

Karl later was selected as THE primary German Research Consultant for users in Germany  of!

WW1 rank-and-file lists & muster rolls of the Kingdom of BavariaIt says: Now discover

Need 3rd-party endorsements?  see 46+ of ’em:

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ACOM is constantly improving their collection for us to help you search the census.  Lynell & Karl Sala know all the tips & tricks to finding precisely what their clients cannot or will not find!  

More names, newly indexed fields & better images will help us immensely in our finding whatever it is that you cannot find.  Send us your dilemma, inquiry, query, problem, request along with your payment today.


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1890 Census is here! Darn! It’s of Mecklenburg-Schwerin!

More details & graphics as I get ’em.

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Why we haven’t worked in decades for genealogy research firms: They are like record label firms who take too much of the pie!

As a former bassist & high-harmony vocalist in a rock-n-soul-n-pop music band, Karl-Michael Sala–now an international specialist in German Genealogy–decided to do a little comparison with his former music industry. 

Comparing Lynell & Karl Sala to “Distributors,” this graphic illustrates very well precisely why they simply cannot & will not work for genealogy research firms!  The research firm–similar to the Record Label–gets the 63%–but it is actually closer to 75%!  That is simply too much of the research pie, would you not agree!?


We certainly don’t have the precise comparable percentages, but the lower part of the chart would represent fees & monies paid to USA & European– usually German archivists, German churches & their Evangelical or Catholic Church office personnel, various civil registration records attendants, miscellaneous German records repositories, document custodians, bookstores, online subscription services, travel expenses (airfare, auto rental, lodging & meals), et al.

On a more positive note:  In 1981, after graduation from Brigham Young University, Karl started  work as a research assistant to Larry Piatt of the Institute for Family Research.  That started at $6/hr!  His then-wife, the former Nola Kraut, had already done some on-site research back East for them, i.e. their client, Alex Haley, the author of Roots & Roots: The Next Generation

Thank you, Larry Piatt–wherever you are.  You helped Karl start this great German Genealogy researcher profession.   Karl began by doing all the foundational census work for you.

Lynell & Karl have found now thousands of data, documents & images for thousands of ancestral family members for hundreds of clients.  They wish to beef that up to thousands of clients.  Interested?

So, skip the middle-man, the salesperson & the company overhead.  Hire Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala directly! Can’t find somebody in an online US or UK census–but you KNOW they should be there?  80% chance Karl or Lynell Sala will find it.  After all, it is precisely because of this high success ratio, they were THE very 1st 2 persons selected for the research team!  Because of this keyword, one or two matching Google Adword ads will probably appear right below.  Are we right?

1870 & other Censuses birthplace listing of Brisen = Preussen!

More weird search census listings that have a real solid answer from a 3-decade, proven German Genealogist, Karl-Michael Sala.  

Brisen = Preussen ( the two starting letters sound much alike; & the eu part is, in some dialects, pronounced like a long i !

It is no wonder this guy was THE very 1st person hand-picked by to be its PRIMARY researcher for the short-lived & highly productive research team.  Karl’s wife was 2nd!  Alas, now earns $ from hundreds of genealogists who are not within their walls.  Smart & scalable.  Right, Christopher Tracy?  Now I get it.  No offense taken.  It’s all business. 

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1911 Search Census can be done by us! Or you!

Genes Reunited
Dear   Karl

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker? Who was your great grandfather in 1911?

In case you haven’t already heard, the 1911 census is now available on Genes Reunited.

Search the 1911 Census
Upgrade to Platinum
The 1911 census is extremely valuable and contains additional information not found in previous censuses such as; occupation, marital status and even how many children they have had – just to name a few! And because the 1911 census is less than 100 years old, you might be lucky enough to discover your great grandparents in the records and gain a real insight into their young lives.

You can gain unlimited access to all of our historical records, including the new 1911 census, by upgrading to become a Platinum Member. Send unlimited messages, view over 10 million family trees and get tips and advice from the message boards whilst viewing as many records as you need by upgrading to Platinum today

We hope the 1911 census brings you a step closer to discovering who your ancestors really were.

Have fun finding your family,

The Genes Reunited Team will now search (& usually FIND YOUR ANCESTOR) for you in the Census of Ireland–1901 & 1911 !

1901  & 1911 censuses are the only publicly available surviving complete censuses of Ireland!  In 1961, they were publicly released for inspection.  This was due to numerous requests for data  in reference to people’s ages, specifically those born before the 1864 start of the registration of civil births. 

1901 census: taken 31 March 1901 

1911 census: taken 2 April 1911 will search these censuses & any others for your ancestors!  Order today!  Have a solution usually within 3 days after your payment clears.

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USA Census search & find provided the name of the precise place of origin in the Old World!

   Search Census? Noll Case cracked!  How?  Where?  What is the name of the village in the Old World?

Tsk, tsk.  Awaiting client payment…

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