About Our International Census Experts

80% success ratio as per Ancestry.com former Paid Expert Ancestry Research Line Manager.  90% success ratio as per our Research Director, Lynell Pierce Sala{;>) 

Call 1-888-456-7252 after having emailed karlmsala@msn.com AND mfhm1979@hotmail.com your specific request, complete with ALL details pertaining to the target ancestor: ALL names, dates & places of birth, marriage, migration, military, residences, death, burial, etc. 

 If you have a family tree &/or a family group sheet, let us know where we can find it online.  Or, mail it along with your $29.95 up to $299.95  personal check or money order–depending on how many & how much you want us to seek & usually find.  
How would it be to get the rapid & skilled assistance from THE very first two people hand-picked in 2006 for the highly successful–but now defunct–Ancestry.com telephone research team?  Karl-Michael Sala was selected 1st; Lynell Sala was chosen 2nd!

Why?  As handwriting, paleographic, phonetic, research, search engine & spelling experts, they had THE HIGHEST SUCCESS RATIO (80+%) in having located precisely what hundreds of online subscribers had been just TRYING to find for up to THREE DECADES!

So, to continue helping thousands of researchers in quickly finding their ancestral origins within a census, SearchCensus.com was established.  With the help of highly trained census search professionals,  you can save hundreds of dollars & hours & hours of time!  For, they can usually solve those elusive Family History Mysteries that have stopped your research in its tracks.

COMMENDATIONS?  On Linkedin.com–just since 2008–& just from folks on Linkedin.com, Karl has 46+ endearing endorsements from coaches, clients & colleagues.  Since 1979, Karl’s had numerous other kudos from not only satisfied, but absolutely stunned clients & patrons!

So, challenge them.  Dare them. Prove them herewith. Try out their quick census search feature today and see why SearchCensus.com is the world’s premiere source for providing proven, real research results from 1790 to 1930 in the USA.  They also find entries in for many decades up to 1911 for Canada & the United Kingdom.

Ready for us to probably find what you seek?  Choose the “Order US Census Search” tab above.   If that fails, then Email details to mfhm1979@hotmail.com

Trying to get across the USA & back to Europe?  Cease digging at the wrong roots!

Stop barking up the wrong trees!  Let us help you find the trees up which to bark{;>)

Are  you serious about more extended research & wish to discuss your case?  480-507-3316 = 1-888-456-7252 (24-hr. toll-free #)

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