Out of millions of Google hits for “searchcensus,” Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala’s SearchCensus.com is now #4 on Google! “Search Census” is now on page 2 of Google SE!

You go, Pablo!  My blogs; your Webmastering, coaching & techno-tweak!  Lynell & I read & were very moved by the recent great personal & professional counsel from your intuitive wife, Maria Helena Sala Johnson–my highly-valued 1stborn!

Such high rankings for “Search Census” (clustered or separated) took only one month to achieve!  I just checked again.  We’re already on page two of Google for “search census”–& this is out of several million “hits!” 

Great, for we love to serve our customers and–just as we did for subscribers of Ancestry.com–find what they could NOT find in the USA & other international records!  

Guess the identities of the very 1st two people, whom Ancestry.com handpicked for their Paid Expert Ancestry Research Line?  Right!  Karl; Who was 2nd? Right again: Lynell ! 

You see, while at Ancestry.com, Ancestry.ca[nada] Ancestry.de[eutschland] Ancestry.com.au[stralia] 

& Ancestry.co.uk [United Kingdom] 

With an 80+% success ratio, Karl & Lynell successfully researched AND FOUND what hundreds of subscribers could NOT find in the last three decades! 

When that team was  disbanded, Karl naturally & unequivocally became THE primary German research consultant for Ancestry.de!–as in Deutschland or Germany or Prussia or Preussen! But, that team,  just like the sales team, was disbanded. 

So, Karl was like a fish out of water.  For various reasons reasons that continue to come to the fore, Karl believes he is destined to be out on his own.

Indeed, Karl is a/k/a GermanGenealogist.com!  In April 2010, that website yielded Karl & Lynell a $7,000 client!   Karl cracked 3 of that client’s ancestral cases–in 3 days–in 3 countries:  Germany, Lithuania & Poland!  Each of those countries was once a part of Preussen (Prussia), i.e. pre-WW1.

Karl went on to crack one more case (LISSKE) for yet another client who pledged $3,000, but has not been heard from–in spite of Karl’s having found THE PRECISE VILLAGE–not too far from Dresden–whence the prospect’s ancestor stemmed!  Karl has emailed another fellow LISSKE descendant, but, alas, no word from her either{;>(

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