Who performs these Census Searches? Two of the best phoneticians who know the paradoxical idiosyncracies of the online subscription data- & image-base search engines!

Chief Researchers:  Lynell & Karl-Michael SALA, Internat’l Genealogist since 1979!

Proven, Gifted, Talented! Now also at GermanGenealogist.com

Need 3rd party confirmations? How about 45+ (yes, forty-five) endearing endorsements on Linkedin.com–& that’s just since 2008–& that’s just from clients, coaches, colleagues & customers who happen to also be on Linkedin! http://www.Linkedin.com/in/GermanGenealogist

(1981): FIRST  JOB right out of Brigham Young University (BYU) 

While at BYU, Karl served as a researcher for J. Grant Stevenson, (whose son, Chris, thirty years later would be Karl’s bishop).  Highly interested in his own ancestry, genealogy & family history, Karl avidly sought to work for a research firm in Salt Lake City. In 1981, Larry Piatt—now a collections and development specialist at the Family History Library–offered Karl $6/hour to be his research assistant for the Institute of Family Research. Karl, of course, accepted & loved it!

Even on that income, Karl bought his first starter home!

In 1984, Karl-Michael Sala then went on to become an Accredited Genealogist (Germany). To qualify to even take the all-day, pro-active, written exam, one had to have 1,000 hours of experience!

Then, if you pass that, you get a subsequent verbal exam on another day. Oh, gosh, Karl was fervently grilled by Roy Spjut, AG, the now-retired (but still volunteering {;>) on the Scandinavian reference desk) accreditation coordinator & test administrator for the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“How do you KNOW that this Johann Schmidt is the right one? There are three of them born in the same time frame & there are NO other records to stipulate what year he was born or the names of his parents!”

The answer is that the genealogist simply cannot be sure. The genealogist must state to the client all the reasons for selecting a particular Johann Schmidt; however, in the absence of a record that states when the target ancestor was born, or precisely whom his parents at birth were, the professional genealogist can only clarify all the evidence for his hypothesis. He must caveat & clarify his supporting reasons. However, the exact one sometimes just simply CANNOT BE PROVEN!

In the 1980s & 1990s, even while being a USAF Reserve Intelligence Officer, Karl,  personally went as a civilian behind the Iron Curtain numerous times. Under challenging circumstances, he successfully researched & found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images for THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients, patrons & himself. He performed neither covert intelligence missions nor operations!

In 2006, when Ancestry.com created the short-lived, but highly successful Paid Expert Ancestry.com Research Line (PEARL), it was Karl-Michael Sala who was THE very 1ST person hand-picked for the position. Who was 2nd? Karl’s wife, Lynell Rae Pierce Sala!  Why?  A very high success ratio in having located precisely what the subscriber had been trying to find for decades!

(2010): Having now accomplished his goal of having found THOUSANDS, he is now very proud to be

http://www.GermanGenealogist.com. No longer an “Accredited Genealogist,” Karl-Michael Sala is truly a proven, tested & tried Master German Genealogist.

Since 1979, Karl-Michael & his wife, Lynell, have found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images for THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients, patrons & themselves since 1979! Prove them herewith.

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Karl,   GREAT story!

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