Our 58th kudo since 2008 was recently posted by a former director of Deutsche Bank USA!

“With the birth of our first child, my wife and I were seeking a genealogist to assist in our German heritage. Karl and his wife, Lynell, have been fantastic. While still a work in progress (which can probably be said about most things in this world) the results so far have been great – they have assisted in going back to the ancestral villages in southern Germany for what is already more than 9 generations of family (he even found a number of lost relatives that we are now in touch with!). His skill with the language and ability to make sense of many of these historical German documents has been key in getting to where he has – a process we know we would never be able to do ourselves.
I look forward to continuing to work with him in this endeavor.

Joe Lau
Service Category: Genealogist Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

For Joe Lau, we first found his ancestors in each & every possible USA Census after their arrival! Interestingly, we also found his immigrant ancestor’s US Patent for a car brake. We posted those data, documents & images & reports on Ancestry.com & Box.net! There the images & full reports are available to anyone whom he or we wish! Call us today to get your USA & German census & parish research done! His living father & other family members are ecstatic about our having found hundreds of ancestral family members!

“Karl! Help me find my ancestors–before I become one!”

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