Why we haven’t worked in decades for genealogy research firms: They are like record label firms who take too much of the pie!

As a former bassist & high-harmony vocalist in a rock-n-soul-n-pop music band, Karl-Michael Sala–now an international specialist in German Genealogy–decided to do a little comparison with his former music industry. 

Comparing Lynell & Karl Sala to “Distributors,” this graphic illustrates very well precisely why they simply cannot & will not work for genealogy research firms!  The research firm–similar to the Record Label–gets the 63%–but it is actually closer to 75%!  That is simply too much of the research pie, would you not agree!?


We certainly don’t have the precise comparable percentages, but the lower part of the chart would represent fees & monies paid to USA & European– usually German archivists, German churches & their Evangelical or Catholic Church office personnel, various civil registration records attendants, miscellaneous German records repositories, document custodians, bookstores, online subscription services, travel expenses (airfare, auto rental, lodging & meals), et al.

On a more positive note:  In 1981, after graduation from Brigham Young University, Karl started  work as a research assistant to Larry Piatt of the Institute for Family Research.  That started at $6/hr!  His then-wife, the former Nola Kraut, had already done some on-site research back East for them, i.e. their client, Alex Haley, the author of Roots & Roots: The Next Generation

Thank you, Larry Piatt–wherever you are.  You helped Karl start this great German Genealogy researcher profession.   Karl began by doing all the foundational census work for you.

Lynell & Karl have found now thousands of data, documents & images for thousands of ancestral family members for hundreds of clients.  They wish to beef that up to thousands of clients.  Interested?

So, skip the middle-man, the salesperson & the company overhead.  Hire Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala directly! Can’t find somebody in an online US or UK census–but you KNOW they should be there?  80% chance Karl or Lynell Sala will find it.  After all, it is precisely because of this high success ratio, they were THE very 1st 2 persons selected for the Ancestry.com research team!  Because of this keyword, one or two matching Google Adword ads will probably appear right below.  Are we right?

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