Research Hints: “Lynell & Karl Sala, Help me find my ancestor–before I become one!”

OK, will do.  Lynell & Karl have found so many ancestral family members for so many clients!

In addition to using known & unknown phonetic variants & search engine strategies, Karl has proven, stunning abilities to re-create how the given, middle & surnames COULD have been written, mis-indexed, mis-heard, mis-interpreted, mistranscribed, etc.!

Karl & Lynell have cracked hundreds of international client cases.  

LAUKSHES = SANDERSON?  BECK = PECK:  Huh?  How could that be?  Because that is precisely what it looked like to the transcriber or sounded like to the census enumerator! 

ROOTS EXPOSE’ ! Indeed, in German, Beck is pronounced something close to the sound somewhere between a B & a P!  About his mission in Germany for the Savior, Karl said: “I wondered why the local members introduced the Ward Mission Leader, Brother Beck, in Essen, Germany as what sounded like, “Pbruder Pbeck!”

Phonetic & spelling variations Experts:  While in 3rd grade in Naha, Okinawa, Ryuku Islands (now part of Japan), Karl beat all the 5th graders in the Elementary School Spelling Bee.  They taught “phonics,” but Karl’s German-American mother–8th grade taught, but high in common-sense–learned English mostly on her own. She had some help from her USAF Crypto Maintenance Technician husband.  Frieda Viehmann Sala taught Karl some crucial basics.  With these principles, he has learned numerous nuances & realities about words & letters that have made him an excellent international research expert at cracking heretofore “unsolvable” cases.

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