Kudos to SearchCensus.com’s Karl & Lynell Sala from one of their most successful research case clients!

 Lois Jurss endorsed Karl-Michael Sala: “Karl Sala is the consummate professional. He is an expert in locating lost generations, particularly in Germany / Prussia. He was able to take the smallest scraps of information [all that I could find] on my [Reinhard HORN] ancestor and

[find him & family in every USA census possible.  Karl & Lynell went on to find my target ancestor in images of immigration (arrival, NY Passenger List), emigration (departure, Hamburg Passenger List) & also in parish registers of a place of which I was totally UNaware–Tirschtiegel, (now Trzciel ), Posen (now Poznan), Preussen (Prussia in English; but now in Poland).  Karl & Lynell Sala] added several generations to [two different branches of] my family history. [Karl’s & Research Director, Lynell’s] work is presented professionally and with a great attention to detail. I highly recommend him as an expert genealogist and I intend to hire him again for further research on other family lines.” December 29, 2009

Karl-Michael Sala’s Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Lois Jurss hired Karl-Michael as a German Genealogist in 2005, and hired Karl-Michael more than once [several times up to 2009!]

This is one of the very 1st client research case reports we posted to our online Box.net account.  Our international ancestry, genealogy & family history research reports are so graphically-rich (read: huge) that they cannot fit into the email systems.  So, on Box.net is where our clients–given the report-specific link–can view our reports 24/7/365.  This would include anyone we or the client wish to invite to download a copy of one of the most successful research cases Lynell & Karl EVER performed!

The HORN Report includes mostly online digital images:  These findings were (sing with me now) “…beginning to look a lot like Christmas” for Lois, by her own admission, for over a decade had been just TRYING to find this!  She was sooo thrilled with our findings in such quick time, Lois wanted to create a website for our research service!  She sincerely felt Everybody needed to know that somebody like Karl existed.  So, she desired to tell the World about our Census, immigration & Europe ancestry, genealogy & family history research magic!  Well, instead, my webmaster created not one, but two!

If you wish to see the link to this absolutely stunningly successful, digitally reif report, please order at least one census search from us.  To get a bigger bang for your buck, order a multiple search!  Over there in the upper right>  I like being Santa Claus’ helper all year long!  I now wish to help hundreds, if not thousands of businesses fulfill their missions & vision by way of Google Adwords, Adsense, etc.   However, we’ll continue to serve you, too.  If there is a glitch beyond 5-7 days, please email mfhm1979@hotmail.com.

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