“Search Census” is now ranked #2 on Google!

Oh my gosh!  I love my webmaster for having taught me some of the realities of Search Engine Optimization for a site that is dedicated to helping genealogists FIND what they’ve been seeking for up to 30 years!

Soon, we’ll also take advantage of an

Adsense coupon given us by

for an ad!  Using the right Adwords, this will direct thousands of appropriate people to our solution-oriented site.  I have a bigger vision, though:  I fully intend to help thousands of people do likewise for their various types of activities, associations, businesses, companies, firms, groups, organizations who also desire to fulfill their vision & mission{;>)

If the research becomes too overwhelming, Lynell & I have good researchers who will help us.  These are international genealogists whom we taught many of the “tricks” of the trade” about finding elusive ancestors in online databases. 

 These are great people with whom we worked at

Ancestry.com, Ancestry.co.uk, Ancestry.com.au, Ancestry.de & elsewhere!  When I get their permission, we’ll name names. 

In the meantime, please visit these International Treasures to the right.  If Ancestry.com or The Generations Network would like us to make this into a link, I believe Google can help us with that, too. 

But, if you cannot find whom you seek, place a low-cost order with us.  Be sure to provide as much data as possible on the target person. 

Then our Teammates can make a better match in finding your ancestors for you!

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