Another international case cracked by FIRST using Census & THEN Immigration & Emigration Passenger Lists!

Karl-Michael Sala Karl-Michael Sala writes:                                     

Open letter to a real, non-paying, but highly pledged customer:

In accordance with your sincere pledge–along with your indicated fervent interest in your family history to be shared with you & all of your descendants–we ( & are very proud & pleased to report some Research Hints!  With skill & care, we found your target ancestral family in every USA census back to his arrival in the USA!

Karl-Michael Sala also strategically researched AND DISCOVERED your immigrant ancestor Max’ departure record out of Europe. Max emigrated out of a city near Dresden–& some 2+ decades earlier than 1918–as you indicated{;>) 

We now need to travel to the town to complete the ancestral research.  Yes, we can decipher the old handwriting better than 99% of the natives–for they no longer use the Handschrift shown below.

In the year 1828 the 3rd…; here born and the…;  ___ christened…; legitimate son of the Franz…; and of the Maria …;  Our success ratio is 90+% in having located new digital data, documents & images for our clients.  What & whom can you not find?  Challenge us. Dare us.  But please–especially if you’ve promised it–pay us.  Please mail your personal check or money order to:

Lynell or Karl Sala; 410 S SADDLE ST; GILBERT, AZ 85233-6810 USA

NObody but Karl Sala is offering this…! Anyone can earn 10% residual–yes, on-going–research credit or $ commission–just by referring the names, emails &/or phone #s of others.  We grant you or them a complimentary consultation.

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