Searching For Ancestors Within A Census

Welcome to The world’s first choice for locating an ancestor in a quick census search!

WHAT:  We have now officially launched our census website to the public with the USA census search as our first feature!  We do highly successful research in census records of the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington DC–where Karl-Michael Sala was born!

National Archives of the United KingdomLook for Germany, UK & immigration in the future. The logo is for the UK National Archives! 

WHO?  Lynell & Karl Sala were THE very 1st two persons hand-picked for the short-lived, but highly successful Paid Expert Ancestry Research Line (PEARL)!

HOW?  In the meantime, if you wish, please send your detailed query and mark it Uncategorized.  As much as is known or can be approximated, be sure to include full names, years & states of birth, marriage, residence & death!  Names of siblings or all children born to a couple would be crucial to match it up with the right ancestral family members!

Find Your Ancestors In A Census!

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